Saturday - 09/24/2011
    Sorry for the long delay!

    Ashley Hart & Nashville Sky will be playing at Douglas Corner Cafe in Nashville, TN on Saturday October 22nd at 5:00 PM with special guest Jeff Batson. Check out the Performance section of the site to learn more.

    In case you have not heard the announcement that was made in June, Clouds Ruined Their Plans has decided to take an indefinite hiatus. To learn more about this go here.

    The unnamed rock project from the guys in Nashville Sky is very close to begin booking. Look for the bands debut very soon.

    Finally, I am proud to announce a project that has taken a long time to come to fruition, has finally done so. I will be playing drums/percussion for the Country singer/song-writer Rob Everest. To learn more click here.

    Until next time, always check out the social sites listed at the bottom of the page for more frequent updates.

    Monday - 05/23/2011
    Glad everyone survived the rapture!

    Ashley Hart & Nashville Sky will be playing the Ditto Music Battle of the Bands this Monday May 30th at 8:30 PM. This will be a short set so make sure you get there early to not miss anything. Ash & Nash will also be playing before the Nashville Sounds game on June 25th as well. Check out the Performance section to learn more about both of these dates.

    Clouds Ruined Their Plans has been working harder than ever and look for a big announcement concerning it very soon!

    Me and Tee Talent have been putting together the lineup for the new project. Look for more announcements concerning this project very soon.

    Finally, me and the guys from Nashville Sky have been putting together a set of rock tunes to play out with in addition to the Ashley stuff. Once we have the set down we will begin booking for it.

    Until next time, always check out the social sites listed at the bottom of the page for more frequent updates.

    Saturday - 04/16/2011

    Some major changes have been taking place over the last month for myself musically. I have been waiting to say anything until I was aware of where the cards were going to fall and now it is time to bring you the following update.

    In case you guys have not seen the update on facebook, Satisfiction has decided to call it quits. Various set backs has plagued the project and things were not moving in a direction that everyone could agree upon. I have the utmost respect for every member of the group and wish them all the greatest of successes in their future endeavors and hope you will as well.

    Speaking of "future endeavors", Tee Talent (Keyboardist for Satisfiction) has approached me about a possible new project he is putting together. It has been an honor to play with Tee in the past and I look forward to the opportunity to again if things work out. We literally are at the drawing board on this, so I wouldn't hold my breath for any performances any time soon. I am very curious to see what comes of this and will let you know any news in its regards once there is anything to report.

    Ashley Hart & Nashville Sky has had to take some time away from performances due to private issues and look to get going again in either late May or June. It has been a pleasure to get to know the guys not only musically but personally as well over the past few months. Ash & Nash are very easy to work with and I look forward to what the future holds for the group.

    Finally, it saddens me to have to say this, Malaco Records suffered major damage from the tornado that went through Jackson,MS yesterday. Three out of four of the buildings were affected and a major loss of various master recordings is expected. Having had some of my works released through this company, this news really hits close to home. Please follow Malaco at the link posted to learn about anything you can do to help this very important legacy in the music industry, keep it's doors open. If there is any news of donations or fundraisers, I will post links once I am made aware of them.

    Until next time, always check out the social sites listed at the bottom of the page for more frequent updates.

    Saturday - 03/05/2011
    Ashley Hart & Nashville Sky

    In reference to one of the potential projects I mentioned in the previous update, I will be playing drums for Ashley Hart & Nashville Sky on Friday March 18th at French Quarter Cafe in Nashville,TN.

    Ashley is a singer/songwriter focusing on her love for country music with a hint of rock & roll. I am excited about the opportunity (as this is my debut performance with the group) and hope everyone will have the chance to come to the show. More details in the Performance section or by clicking on the flyer posted above.

    Wednesday - 02/23/2011

    Sorry for the delay on updates. The 1st of the year has been somewhat slow in regards to cool information. That being said, I have been really working hard on the various projects I am currently apart of and some interesting upgrades in those projects has occurred as well.

    Satisfiction has obtained another guitarist and a permanent background vocalist. We are in the works of adding more background vocals as well as a horn section. You will get a chance to hear the new additions on April 30th at The Boro Bar & Grill in Murfreesboro, TN. See the Performance section for more details. I have also added the Satisfiction Demo to the Audio Section of the site.

    Clouds Ruined Their Plans has been auditioning potential new members to bring into the band. Me and Justin are really trying to expand the sounds of the group and exploring the idea of adding new members seems to be the most beneficial way to achieve this goal. Look for official announcements on new additions in the near future.

    Songs About That Time is currently on hiatus. However, it is something I am still passionate about and will continue to pursue it when time is available to do so.

    In other news, I have two new potential projects I may be working with in the near future. It is too early to tell if either will come to fruition but I promise, I will let you know more about them if things become solidified.

    Until next time, always check out the social sites listed at the bottom of the page for more frequent updates.

    Friday - 11/05/2010
    Happy Holidays

    It's been along time since I have posted anything about Lucid Harmonic and Lucid wanted to give our fans something back. If you click the free song button on the music player below you can have a free mp3 of the single "This Disease" off of the album "No Verdict, No Defense". All you have to do is give us an email address so we can know where to send it and thanks for all of the support.

    Satisfiction is currently booking in the Tennessee area and look for dates to be announced soon. Satisfiction has also been auditioning backup vocalist and horns for an even bigger experience. I can't wait for you to see the new additions to the group and the added layers it brings to the show.

    Clouds Ruined Their Plans is getting ready to move into their new studio and plan on resuming song production and composition very soon!!!

    No news on the Songs About That Time front but hope to have new tunes posted around the first of the year.

    I am getting ready to wind down for the holiday season and this may be my last post before the end of the year. If that is the case, I hope everyone has a great holiday season and thanks for another great year of support.

    Thursday - 09/09/2010

    Proximal Distance is featured in the latest issue of Progression Magazine. The article profiles the self titled debut album as well as interviews with various members of the project. Be sure to go pick up a copy at your local news stands or you can order it online here.

    The debut of Satisfiction was a big success. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us it means alot and be sure to look for us again very soon.

    Clouds Ruined Their Plans is currently on an unforeseen hiatus. However, me and Justin both hope to get this project moving again very soon. We are taking our time composing and recording demos and really making sure that once we make a presentation, it will be as good as it can possibly be. Because of this philosophy things have been moving slower than expected. Please keep checking the website often for more updates on this project. I am still very excited about it!!!

    Songs About That Time (my latest solo project) has been recording a new cover song demo and hope to have it to share very soon.

    That is all for now be sure to check the social networking sites located at the bottom of the page for more frequent updates.

    Wednesday - 08/11/2010

    I am excited to finally announce the project I have been working on now for almost a year is ready to give its 1st performance. The band is called SATISFICTION and we play nothing but the best Rolling Stones songs out there! We will be having a preview "teaser" performance on August 30, 2010 at The Basement located in downtown Nashville. Show will start at 9:00 PM and will be a short set, so get there early if you don't want to miss anything.

    Saturday - 07/17/2010
    Proximal Update & More

    Proximal Distance is still getting excellent reviews and the latest is from Background Magazine. Background Magazine gave it 4+ Stars!!! Here is an excerpt from the review: "Just buy this album and you will be amazed, because Proximal Distance succeeded in creating a 70-minute debut album containing perfect and powerful progressive rock. This album will certainly belong to one of my favourites this year." To read the full article click here.

    Jeff and Gregg were co-host on The Pawz Cauze Podcast on June 19th and features interviews with Gregg and Jeff. It also features the songs Algol, The Shaman, Gypsy, Contemplation, Flashback to Now, and Deep Space Intermission. As well as a couple of Majestic songs (Jeff's other project). You can hear this broadcast here.

    In other news Clouds Ruined Their Plans is still developing nicely and hopes to begin recording their debut EP before the end of the year.

    I plan on adding demos of Songs About That Time to the myspace page very soon. The next track slated to be recorded will be a cover song and I am very excited to see how my interpretation of the track will be responded to.

    Finally, I hope to disclose information on the other project I've been working on for about a year now very soon. We are developing nicely, been recording demos, and plan on playing out in the next few months. Until next time be sure to check out my facebook or myspace pages. Mini updates tend to be placed their more frequently.

    Sunday - 05/23/2010
    Songs About That Time

    I am proud to offically announce my latest solo project - Songs About That Time. SATT is an acoustically driven project with very minimal production. The first track presented "The Day You Went Away" is a song I started working on almost 7 years ago. This is a demo version that is very rough around the edges, but you will get an idea of the direction this project is heading. I always wanted to explore my love (along with lack of talent) for the acoustic guitar and that is exactly what this project will focus on. Eventually, I will add some of my favorite cover songs that evoke a similar emotion as well as try my hand at lead vocals. Head on over to the Audio section to hear the track.

    Monday - 05/10/2010
    Proximal Distance Promo Video

    Set against the Proximal Distance song "Deep Space Intermission", this video highlights the wonderful artwork of Vladimir Moldavsky. Vlad's artwork can be found on both the Slychosis and Proximal Distance CD's.

    Get your copies today by visiting and feel free to post this video to where ever you like to post things.

    Friday - 04/30/2010
    Proximal Distance is Progressive Rock Brazil's Band and Album for the month of April

    Sorry it has been so long for an update. First of all Proximal Distance has been named as band of the month for April by Progressive Rock Brazil!!! Goto: for the complete write up.

    In other news I have a few new projects in the works one of which is close to playing out and another that is in the conceptional phase. Will give more information on both of those in the coming weeks.

    Clouds Ruined Their Plans continues to write and is close to going in and recording an ep for you guys. Will let you know when we hit the studio.

    Saturday - 02/27/2010
    Proximal Distance Review (9 out of 10!!!)

    Ravenheart Music

    (Self Release) Reviewed 27th February 2010

    This is the brand new first offspring from the marriage of two American prog rock maestros, Gregg Johns of Slychosis and Jeff Hamel from Majestic, with Majestic's Jessica Rasche on vocals. This is like jumping into a time machine back to the 70's, so don your flares and tie dyes, and come on board with me my friends. While we on the way we can have a good look at the stunning surrealist artwork by Vladimir Moldavsky, you are going to have some fun trying to decipher the pictures, takes me back to the days of vinyl when you used to spend hours looking at the sleeves trying to work out what it all meant, with the help of substances legal or otherwise. The first 3 songs are epic tours around Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, ELP, Caravan, Fleetwood Mac, Vangelis and Curved Air, anywhere where the fancy takes them. Jessica has an excellent versatile voice that changes to suit the music, which is full of superb melodies, guitars and synths. A dramatic acoustic guitar arpeggio announces the fourth tune, the reflective, dreamy, atmospheric, 'Contemplation'. Then we suddenly find ourselves detoured back to the 60's with 'Flashback to Now (A Hippy's Lament)' and 'Deep Space Intermission', groovy man, I really dig this happenin scene, I'm sure someone's put something in my cup of tea, far-out and sideways, crazy like. The lovely acoustic ballad 'Leaves Fall' then brings us back to our tour of the 70's for the final 3 epics, but hang on a moment, there's some Dream Theatre in there, it must be a rip in the time space continuum. For dyed in the wool prog fans this will bring a misty eyed tear to the eye, 'flashing back to another time and place, fuzztone axes, colors dancing on my face. I dare not stay here, but this is a groovy place' (Flashback to Now). For new adventurers, this is a fantastic trip, 74 minutes of amazing, superbly produced and performed music that will keep you entertained for months. Your ticket to ride awaits you at Come on board for a journey of a lifetime.

    9/10 (Reviewed by Phil)

    Click here for an up-to-date list of locations that are carrying the album, as well as some different bundle options that are available.

    Sunday - 02/14/2010
    Proximal Distance Self Titled Released

    Proximal Distance's self titled album is now officially released and is starting to appear in different venues. Kinesis is the 1st distributor that has officially made the album available through their website. The album is currently featured on their main page. Look for more distributors and your favorite digital outlets to make the album available in the upcoming weeks.

    Aural Moon (Progressive Rock Radio in San Diego,CA) has begun to add selected songs from the album into rotation. This station can be heard here:

    I am very excited to see your reactions to the album. It is an album that I am very proud to have been apart of and Gregg and Jeff really poured their souls into this project. I hope its as enjoyable to listen to for you as it is to me.

    Saturday - 01/16/2010
    Another Proximal Update

    The Proximal Distance debut CD is due out in Feb/Mar 2010. Pre-orders for the CD are now being accepted. Those who pre-order will receive the CD before anyone else. As soon as it is our hands we will pass it on to you! The first 50 copies will be autographed by both Gregg Johns and Jeff Hamel so get your orders in quick!! Also the website is fully functional with lots of goodies! Be sure to check it out at

    Price: 15.99 + S/H: 5.00

    To order click on the PayPal button below.

    Listen to clips from the debut CD here:

    The Shaman
    Flashback to Now
    Deep Space Intermission
    Leaves Fall
    Journey of Truth
    Expanding Universe
    Friday - 01/01/2010
    A New Decade to start off with a bang!!!

    So this Monday Jan 4th, I will be meeting up with Gregg in Memphis for the mastering of the Proximal Distance album at the famous Ardent Studios! Although, this is the second project that I have been apart of that has had the honor of being mastered at this great facility, this will be the first time I get to be apart of the process. I am very thankful to Gregg for this opportunity.

    This year will hopefully see a lot of big things from various projects I am working on. Clouds Ruined Their Plans is really starting to get a true personality and me and Justin hope to have an EP available very soon. I also have a couple of other projects in the works that I will be telling you more about when the time is right.

    I am very thankful to all the people in my life that have been with me through a very difficult year and decade. Without your support I am not sure I would have been able to keep my head up through it. I also appreciate everyone that has been supportive of my work. It has been a wild wonderful musical ride over the last 10 years and here's to the next 10!

    Sunday - 12/13/2009
    Proximal Update

    Proximal Distance

    I am listening to the 1st mixes of the album as I type and I must say I am very impressed with the direction that Gregg and Jeff have taken this project very good stuff. I am very fortunate to have surrounded myself with such talented musicians and can't wait till you guys can hear the end product!!!

    Monday - 11/09/2009
    Proximal Distance Website is up

    Go check it out!

    Friday - 10/23/2009
    Live Performance With Karma Kite Tomorrow

    My first performance since moving to Nashville will be tomorrow @ The Artisan Fair at Edge Hill Village with Karma Kite. Edge Hill Village is located at 1200 Villa Place Nashville,Tennessee 37212 (Near Music Row). The performance will be at 1:00 PM with a possible encore later in the day. If you are in the area and have nothing better to do come out and say hello.

    Tuesday - 10/13/2009
    Proximal Distance

    I am proud to announce that one of the latest projects that I have been apart of "Proximal Distance" is very close to completing there first album. Proximal Distance is an indie prog super group consisting of masterminds Jeff Hamel (Majestic) and Gregg Johns (Slychosis). Additional players include Jessica Rasche, Todd Sears, and yours truly. I will let you know more about this release when its a little closer to street date. In the meantime if you are not familiar with Majestic, or Slychosis be sure to check them out!!!

    Sunday - 10/04/2009
    Website Live
    More will be added in the next few weeks.